The George A. Miller Award

The George A. Miller Award, goes to to an outstanding article published in the last three years that integrates literature from the subdisciplines of psychology and related fields.

2023 Winner

An Argument for Bad Psychology: Disciplinary Disruption, Public Engagement, and Social Transformation

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This year the George A. Miller Award, 2023, goes to Patrick Grzanka and Elizabeth Cole for their 2021 article An Argument for Bad Psychology: Disciplinary Disruption, Public Engagement, and Social Transformation. The George A. Miller award goes to an outstanding article on general psychology that has been published within the past three years. In line with the mission of Division 1, the article integrates an expansive body of literature within and beyond psychology to bring to bear on pressing issues facing psychology as a discipline and scientific institution. The article considers the role of psychology in a global society mired by cataclysmic crises, including the ongoing crisis of scientific skepticism. The article critiques disciplinary boundaries that police and often marginalize visionary and potentially transformative scholarship, and centers theoretical and empirical contributions from underrepresented and historically excluded psychologists and social groups. The committee felt that the article checked all the boxes, especially for its importance, breadth, and timeliness. The reference for the article appears below.

Grzanka, P. R., & Cole, E. R. (2021). An argument for bad psychology: Disciplinary disruption, public engagement, and social transformation. American Psychologist, 76(8), 1334–1345.


Patrick Grzanka

Elizabeth Cole

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