Div. 1 Integrative Teaching Award

Application Deadline: February 15, 2024


The Society for General Psychology establish two awards of $1,000 each*, for innovative integrative teaching in General/Introductory psychology including either an innovative design of an integrative course project or activity, or a reimagined General/Introductory psychology course involving an instructor-designed integrative framework. In addition to the cash award, winners will receive a plaque, and photos and bios of the winners will be published in our newsletter, The General Psychologist. It might also be possible to publish the winning submissions in The General Psychologist or in our journal, Review of General Psychology.


Psychology faculty (full and part-time) and graduate students who teach general/introductory psychology courses and are members of the Society for General Psychology are eligible to be considered for the award. Per the Division’s Policy Manual, members of the Executive Committee are not eligible to be considered for the award during their term on the EC.

Preference will be given to Early Career faculty (those within ten years of beginning teaching, not including student teaching).

How to Apply:

Step 1: Initial application
  1. Cover sheet including: Applicant’s name, address, phone number, and email address; category of award for which the applicant wishes to be considered; brief description of applicant’s teaching duties

  2. One-page description of EITHER the integrative assignment developed to facilitate students’ integration of concepts, theories and methods in General/Introductory Psychology courses OR an innovative course design you developed to highlight the integrative and interdisciplinary “through-lines” in General/Introductory Psychology.

Step 2: Short-listed applicants full application
  1. Brief curriculum vitae (abbreviated, 4 pages max.), including educational history, and professional work history.

  2. Course Syllabus, including any supplemental handouts that describe the integrative assignment or innovative course design.

  3. Narrative (two-three pages):

    1. Description of how the assignment/course design you developed promotes integration of the diverse content of General/Introductory Psychology.

    2. Please include in your narrative empirical evidence of the effectiveness of your assignment/course design. This could include such evidence as students developing a greater interest in and engagement with the field of psychology; development of the skills of analysis and synthesis through this assignment/course work; insight into and appreciation of the value of employing multiple perspectives, etc.

  4. Statement of Alignment with Div. 1 Mission and Goals (one-page):

    1. Please provide a statement that indicates how your work in developing and helping students complete this assignment/course promotes and aligns with the Mission and Goals of the Society for General Psychology (APA Div. 1).

  5. One letter of recommendation from a faculty member familiar with your teaching.

Applications should be submitted to Emily Keneer