The division leadership comprises the executive committee plus other specialized committees and task forces. The executive committee of Division 1 is a team of volunteers that keeps the Division moving forward. We are passionate about the Divisions mission — to unify the different subspecialties of psychology and to encourage interdisciplinary work both within psychology and between psychology and other scientific disciplines and the humanities. Current EC members and positions are listed below.

Interested in getting involved? We’d love to have you! Email for information on open positions and other ways to support our division.

Presidential Trio


Jeffrey Arnett, PhD

August 2023–August 2024

Jeffrey Jensen Arnett is a Senior Research Scholar in the Department of Psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is the Founding President and former Executive Director of the Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (


Mindy Erchull

August 2023–August 2024

Mindy Erchull (she/her), a professor of psychological science and member of the interdisciplinary women’s, gender, and sexuality studies program at the University of Mary Washington, is a social psychologist. Her research has focused on myriad topics including feminist identity, the objectification and sexualization of women, division of labor and parenting, and menstruation and other reproductive health issues.

Past President

Clare M. Mehta, PhD

August 2022–August 2023

Dr. Clare M. Mehta is an Associate Professor in Psychology at Emmanuel College in Boston. She has served on the executive committee of Division 1 since 2016 when she accepted the role of Division 1 program chair. Dr. Mehta’s main area of research is established adulthood, the period of the lifespan between 30-45. She also studies gender and social relationships.

Executive Committee



Laura Dryjanska, PhD (2024–27)


Joseph McFall, PhD (2024-29)

Council Representative

Sarah Friedman, PhD (2024-26)


Aurelie Athan, PhD (2024-27)

Xiaowei Zhao, PhD (2024-27)

Sherry Hamby, PhD (2024-27)


Deborah Johnson, PhD (2021-25)

Early Career Representative

Deeya Mitra, PhD (2023-2026)

Student Representative

Kourtney Kotvas (2023-2026)

Awards Coordinators

Itoro Udoeyop Hill, PsyD (2024-27)

Neha Dhawann (2024-27)

Journal Editor

Richard Lerner, PhD (2025-30)

Newsletter Editor

Lori Jordan-Fountain (2020-23)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Coordinator


Members (non-voting)

Past President

Clare Mehta, PhD

Past-Past President

Jocelyn Turner-Musa, PhD

Communications Coordinator

Celina Whitmore (2024-26)

APA Program Chair 2024

Stephanie Miodis (2023-25)

Suite Coordinators, 2024

Deeya Mitra

Kourtney Kotvas

Membership Chair

Emily Keener, PhD (2022-2025)

Fellows Chair

Grant Rich, PhD (2021-2023)

Corsini Student Poster Award


Anastasi Award Chair


William James Book Award (WJBA) Chair

Mindy Erchull, PhD

George A. Miller Award Chair

Jeff Arnett, PhD

Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award Chair

Clare Mehta, PhD

Citizen Psychologist Award Chair


Mary Calkins Grant Chair

Charlene Chester, PhD (2021-24)

Publications Committee Chair


CEMA Liaison


CWP Liaison


CIRP Liaison


Ethics Task Force Liaison


DEI Audit Task Force Co-Chairs

Alicia Trotman

Tiffany Culver

Committees & Task Forces


Awards Committee

Coordinator: Kimberly Warren, PhD

Anastasi Award Chair: TBD

William James Book Award (WJBA) Chair: Mindy Erchull, PhD

George A. Miller Award Chair: Jeff Arnett, PhD

Ernest R. Hilgard Lifetime Achievement Award Chair: Clare Mehta, PhD

Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award: TBD

Mary Whiton Calkins Grant Chair: Charlene Chester, PhD

Citizen Psychologist Award Chair: TBD

Membership Committee Chair

Emily Keener, PhD

Fellows Committee Chair:

Grant Rich, PhD

Programming Committee/Convention Chair 2024:

Stephanie Miodis (2023-25)

Finance Committee Chair:

David Devonis, PhD

Publications Committee Chair:


Task Forces

Ethics Task Force Liaison

Darcia Narvaez, PhD

Social Media Task Force

Emily Keener

Clare Mehta

Marrisa Harrison

Past Presidents

(including term of service)

  • 2022-23: Clare M. Mehta, PhD
  • 2021-22: Jocelyn Turner-Musa
  • 2020-21: Sarah Friedman
  • 2019-20: Lisa Osbeck
  • 2018-19: Alexandra Rutherford
  • 2017-18: Deborah Johnson
  • 2016-17: Irene Frieze
  • 2015-16: Nancy Baker
  • 2014-15: Joan Chrisler
  • 2013-14: Janet Sigal
  • 2012-13: Wade Pickren
  • 2011-12: Dean Keith Simonton
  • 2010-11: Nancy Felipe Russo
  • 2009-10: John Hogan
  • 2008-09: Donald Dewsbury
  • 2007-08: Thomas Jr. Bouchard
  • 2006-07: Harold Takooshian
  • 2005-06: George W. Albee
  • 2004-05: Bonnie Strickland
  • 2003-04: Peter Salovey
  • 2002-03: J. B. Overmier
  • 2001-02: Linda Bartoshuk
  • 2000-01: Lyle E. Bourne Jr.
  • 1999-00: Lewis Lipsitt
  • 1998-99: Kurt Salzinger
  • 1997-98: Frank Farley
  • 1996-97: Stephen J. Ceci
  • 1995-96: Diane F Halpern
  • 1994-95: Neal F. Johnson
  • 1993-94: Robert J. Sternberg
  • 1992-93: Charles L. Brewer
  • 1991-92: Charles L. Brewer*
  • 1991-92: Virginia Sexton*
  • 1990-91: Henry Gleitman
  • 1989-90: Florence L. Denmark
  • 1988-89: Barbara C. Ross
  • 1987-88: Mary E. Reuder
  • 1986-87: Alan C. Boneau
  • 1985-86: Salvatore Maddi
  • 1984-85: Kenneth B. Little
  • 1983-84: Robert B. Zajonc
  • 1982-83: George Mandler
  • 1981-82: Gregory A. Kimble
  • 1980-81: Edwin P. Hollander
  • 1979-80: William Bevan
  • 1978-79: Sigmund Koch
  • 1977-78: Delos D. Wickens
  • 1976-77: James E. Deese
  • 1975-76: Michael Wertheimer
  • 1974-75: Leo J. Postman
  • 1973-74: Daniel E. Berlyne
  • 1972–73: Wilbert J. McKeachie
  • 1971–72: Robert W. Leeper
  • 1970–71: Gardner Lindzey
  • 1969–70: Benton J.Underwood
  • 1968–69: Roger W. Russell
  • 1967–68: Howard H. Kendler
  • 1966–67: Daniel Katz
  • 1965–66: Max Meenes
  • 1964–65: Gregory Razran
  • 1963–64: John C. Flanagan
  • 1962–63: Richard L. Solomon
  • 1961–62: Elizabeth Duffy
  • 1960–61: Frank W. Finger
  • 1959–60: W. C. H. Prentice
  • 1958–59: Harry Helson
  • 1957–58: Robert W. Leeper
  • 1956–57: Anne Anastasi
  • 1955–56: Delos D. Wickens
  • 1954–55: Wayne Dennis
  • 1953–54: Carl I. Hovland
  • 1952–53: Edward C. Tolman
  • 1951–52: Samuel W. Fernberger
  • 1950–51: Karl M. Dallenbach
  • 1949–50: Edna Heidbreder
  • 1948–49: Robert R. Seashore
  • 1947–48: Edward C. Tolman
  • 1946–47: Norman L. Munn
  • 1945–46: John F. Dashiell

* Virgina Sexton was elected for 1992; however, due to her illness, Charles Brewer assumed her duties that year.