Review of General Psychology

Review of General Psychology  is the Division 1 journal, and seeks to publish innovative, theoretical, conceptual, and methodological articles that cross-cut the traditional subdisciplines of psychology.

The journal contains articles that advance theory, evaluate and integrate research literatures, provide a new historical analysis, and discuss new methodological developments in psychology as a whole. Review of General Psychology is especially interested in articles that bridge gaps between subdisciplines in psychology as well as related fields or that focus on topics that transcend traditional subdisciplinary boundaries. Authors are encouraged to write their manuscripts from the perspective of more than one subdiscipline and to review literature that spans at least two subdisciplines. Manuscripts are of particular interest to Review of General Psychology when they provide a provocative challenge to customary or prevailing views; intellectual risk-taking is encouraged. Articles devoted primarily to reporting new empirical findings are generally not appropriate for the journal.

As of January 2019, Review of General Psychology is published by SAGE Journals, where Div. 1 members and others interested in accessing its articles may find its content online. See below for instructions on how to register on the SAGE website and access online articles.

General correspondence may be directed to the Editors.

Editors: Thomas Teo and Wade Pickren

How to Access Online Articles

Please follow the instructions below to access online articles in the Review of General Psychology. There are two steps for activating Division 1 member access on the SAGE Journals platform.

First, each Division 1 member needs to register for access on the SAGE website.

NOTE: This only needs to be completed one time

1. ) Registration for Access/Profile

Select one option:

  • If you have not previously registered for a Sage online journal account, click on the link and follow the instructions to create your profile.

  • If you have previously registered for a Sage account, and you know your password, click on and log in.

  • If you have previously registered for a Sage account, but do NOT know your password, click on the link, then enter the email address associated with your membership in the tab to request a new password for your account. You will receive an email with a link to set a new password.

2. ) Activating access to articles
  • Once you are logged into your SAGE account, click on Access/Profile (upper right corner of screen) to see a drop-down list, and click on View Profile, which will take you to “My profile” page.

  • Then click on the ‘Society Member Access’ tab (at bottom of the left column).

  • Here scroll down and select “Society for General Psychology Division 1 of APA” from the dropdown-menu.

  • On the page that appears, enter your APA membership number to activate your access. Your APA membership number can be found on and is listed as Account Number on your Home page.

Second, now that you are registered with SAGE, you have access to articles in Review of General Psychology.

  • To access articles, login to your SAGE account at

  • Enter “Review of General Psychology” in the Search all journals box at the top of the page.

  • To sign out of your account, select Access/Profile (upper right corner of page), then View Access Options and click on Sign Out.

If you need any assistance with online access, please contact Sage’s Global Online Technical Support Team at with your APA Membership ID and registered email address.

You could also contact the D1 Administrative Officer, Pat King, if you need help finding your membership number or have other questions.