Review of General Psychology

Review of General Psychology  is the Division 1 journal, and seeks to publish innovative, theoretical, conceptual, and methodological articles that cross-cut the traditional subdisciplines of psychology.

The journal contains articles that advance theory, evaluate and integrate research literatures, provide a new historical analysis, and discuss new methodological developments in psychology as a whole. Review of General Psychology is especially interested in articles that bridge gaps between subdisciplines in psychology as well as related fields or that focus on topics that transcend traditional subdisciplinary boundaries. Authors are encouraged to write their manuscripts from the perspective of more than one subdiscipline and to review literature that spans at least two subdisciplines. Manuscripts are of particular interest to Review of General Psychology when they provide a provocative challenge to customary or prevailing views; intellectual risk-taking is encouraged. Articles devoted primarily to reporting new empirical findings are generally not appropriate for the journal.

As of January 2019, Review of General Psychology is published by SAGE Journals, where Div. 1 members and others interested in accessing its articles may find its content online.

General correspondence may be directed to the Editors.

Editors: Thomas Teo and Wade Pickren